WATCH! Bill Maher Hammers Pride Movement ‘Someone Needs to Say it, Not Everything is About You’ (VIDEO)

Bill Maher is hammering the Pride movement and rightfully so, and every American on both sides need to watch this segment. He nails it as usual!

“It wasn’t that long ago when adults asked a kid ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ and they meant profession.”

“In the wake of America about to lose abortion rights, the ACLU recently tweeted a list of those who would be disproportionately harmed by this Abortion. You would think women would top this list, no, wasn’t even on this list. Really? abortion rights effects gay and trans people you know, more than breeders?”

“I’m happy for LGBT folks that we now live in an age where they can live their authentic lives openly. And we should always be mindful of respecting and protecting. But someone needs to say it. NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT YOU..”

Maher then went into the fact that the LGBT movement is pushing their agenda on children, and how it’s not okay and how its’ causing massive problems in our society.

“We’re literally experimenting on children. Maybe that’s why Sweden and Finland has stopped giving puberty blockers to kids. Because we just don’t know much about the longterm effects. But common sense should tell you when you reverse the course of raging hormones, there’s going to be problems.”

“We do know it hinders the development of bone density, which is kind of important if you like having a skeleton.”

“Fertility and the ability to have an orgasm seems also to affected. This isn’t just a lifestyle decision its medical. Weighing trade offs is not bigotry.”

“Yet when a book questioning the sudden uptick in transitioning children was released, a trans lawyer with the ACLU named Chase Strangio tweeted ‘stopping the circulation of this book and these ideas is 100% a hill I will die on’ how very civil liberties of him.”

“Chase by the way has just been named one of the grand marshals of this years of this year’s New York City pride march, along with three other trans people and a lesbian. Huh, what’s missing here, oh right a Gay Man!”

“That’s where we are now, Gay men aren’t hip enough for the Gay Pride parade.”

Watch below as Maher obliterates the LGBT movement that’s out of control in America!


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[…] WATCH! Bill Maher Hammers Pride Movement ‘Someone Needs to Say it, Not Everything is About You’ … […]