WATCH: Bill Maher HAMMERS Democrats and Americans for Allowing Out of Control Lawlessness ‘Democrats like to point out that crime has actually been worse before, yes true, and who gives a F***, I’m not living before, I’m living now’

Bill Maher took to his Friday night show on HBO ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ to hammer Democrats and those in power for the out of control lawlessness in America.

“We have a new thing in LA called “follow home” where gang members stake out nice restaurants and then follow home the people who leave in expensive cars and force their way into their houses. It’s why Paris Hilton now drives a 2009 PT Cruiser and eats at Sbarro.”

Maher continued..

“A day doesn’t go by where you can’t find video of the latest smash and grab robbery where thieves in broad daylight just smash the front windows of ritzy stores and take all of the jewelry they can carry.. They went to Jarrod.”

“And when did they legalize shoplifting? They used to be shamed in shoplifting, or at least they had some skill.”

“San Francisco in the last few years has seen 11 Walgreens and 6 CVS stores just give up and close because that town seems just simply beyond law. Which is heartbreaking because I like so many people love that city, and I don’t think it’s corny to say ‘I left my heart in San Francisco’ and also my walled and iPhone.”

Watch this powerful segment with humor on Bill Maher, this is an issue that is out of control. Maher even sticks up for police, he says yes we need some reform, but we can’t just let the criminals run roughshod over Americans. There has to be law and order restored.

“Who needs the meta verse whenever you can do what you want in real life?”

“The police still need reform, yes, but we can’t just allow them to be hunted and target for assassination which has happened over 100 times in 2021. I know there are big issues behind crime like income inequality and racism that need to be addresses, but let’s not get so wrapped up in becoming great again or building back better that we become El Salvador.”

“Democrats like to point out that crime has actually been worse before, yes true, and who gives a F***, I’m not living before, I’m living now.”


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