WATCH: Bill Maher and Mike Tyson Debate Gun Control and Mass Shootings on ‘HotBoxin’ Show

This is fascinating listening to Mike Tyson and Bill Maher talk about the gun control debate, and there are many interesting takes form this interview.

Billl Maher: “I’m going to be talking about the connection between Hollywood and gun violence. I think it’s very ironic that Hollywood is the wokest place in the world, where you can’t do a movie where you have people smoking, but somehow they have this giant blind spot about gun violence. I mean every action movie is a guy just mowing people down. Guns guns guns guns guns, they love fucking guns and shooting people and revenge stories.”

Bill Maher: “Now if you don’t think this isn’t part of the mix. Obviously it’s because guns are probably too available, we just have too many broken people who are miserable and unhappy.”

Mike Tyson: “I want my girls to have guns, I want my children to be able to know how to shoot guns.”

Bill Maher: “I have guns too, I don’t we live in a violent world and you cannot, it’s not their fault, but you cannot depend on the police to always be there. When things happen in your home, the police can’t be there.”

It gets even better after this exchange as Tyson and Maher talk about the insane laws where you can go to jail for defending your family with a gun in your own home in California.


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