WATCH! Bill Barr Play the Bagpipes Like a Boss (VIDEO)

Attorney General Bill Barr walks out on stage with bagpipes and plays “Scotland the Brave” ahead of delivering remarks at the U.S. Attorney’s National Conference.

Folks we all strive to be the best in life. Some of you might even consider yourselves bad asses.

I don’t think any of you nor I will ever be the acting Attorney General of the United States and playing the bagpipes like a boss like Bill Barr did on Wednesday.

Bill Barr was just casually rocking the bagpipes with the NYPD Emerald Society, this is truly epic.

Thank God President Trump hired this man, by far one of the best hires of his presidency, if not the best yet.

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Tim Calypso
Tim Calypso
3 years ago

this song always makes me cry