WATCH: Biden Says ‘Times Have Shifted’ and ‘New World Order’ is Coming; So Much for Conspiracy Theories, They Aren’t Even Hiding It!

We’ve been telling you for months that they wanted a Great Reset, they want a New World Order, and that what’s happening in the world is biblical. Well, it’s not a conspiracy theory anymore.

President Joe Biden took to the podium on Monday and declared that the “times have shifted” and that a “New World Order” was on the horizon. God help us all.

“A new world economy occurs every three or four generations.”

President pudding brain wasn’t done talking though.

“60 million people died between 1900 and 1946, since then we’ve established a liberal world order and that hasn’t happened in a long while, a lot of people died but nowhere near the chaos. The times are shifting, there’s going to be a New World Order out there, and we’ve got to lead it.”

For once in his career America, Biden ain’t hiding! He’s coming right out and saying what we’ve been warning you about, they want a New World Order, and they’re determined to get it.

Say prayers for America and the world, we’re in it now, the real battle for the Republic has began!

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Sheila Sure
Sheila Sure
10 months ago

yawn. this evil you see before you is GONE tomorrow. the demoncrats are still in denial that God is wiping the out. sit back, eat cake with Kat Kerr and watch the heavenly hosts make toasts of these wicked IMPOTENT fools. Thank you Lord the battle is already won. na na


[…] WATCH: Biden Says ‘Times Have Shifted’ and ‘New World Order’ is Coming; So Much for Conspira… […]

10 months ago

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