WATCH: Biden ‘Ministry of Truth’ Czar Claims Leftists, Not Pro-Freedom Voices are the Ones Censored on Social Media

Well if you want to see who’s spreading disinformation, look no further than Joe Biden’s new Queen of the Ministry of Truth.

According to this mental midget, it’s not pro-freedom conservative voices who are are being censored on social media, its’ leftists. Yet she gives ZERO examples because she can’t. But we’ll give you a few conservatives who are banned on Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Project Veritas, Melissa Tate, James O’Keefe, Matt Couch, President Donald J. Trump, Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, Milo Yanapoulous, Alex Sheppard, Owen Shroyer, Dr. Robert Malone, shall we continue?

But nope, this brainiac who turned a Mary Poppins jingle into a bag of crazy, thinks you can’t see the truth.


Regardless of what people have to say, they have a right to say it and speak it. It’s uncanny how this clown came to power right after Elon Musk’s Twitter buyout gets approval. Don’t you just love coincidence?

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