WATCH: Biden Attendee Says She Was Given A “Paper” Telling Her What To Say, She Refused (VIDEO)

On Thursday, former Vice President and 2020 presidential nominee Joe Biden held a town hall event in Kenosha, Wisconsin where people who were invited to the event would get up and ask him questions.

According to one of the attendees however, the Biden campaign gave her scripted questions and comments to make however she refused.

“I’m going to be honest, I was told to go off this paper but I just can’t,” the woman said. “You need the truth.” 



This isn’t the first time that someone called out Biden to his face. During a rare press conference on Wednesday, Biden was called out to his face by a reporter for rarely leaving his house.

The comment from the reporter came as Biden started to lose his train of thought as usual.

“But here is the thing I will end with… I apologize for keeping you,” Biden said.

He was then interrupted by a reporter who yelled, “We have all the time in the world… We don’t see you though.”


This wasn’t the only recent incident where Biden was called out in public for rarely leaving his house. On Monday, Biden finally left his basement and traveled to Pittsburgh where he took a stop to deliver pizzas to a fire station.

As Biden stepped out of a Secret Service vehicle, he was heckled by a man who was reportedly waving a Trump 2020 flag while standing on his truck. The man trolled Biden on how he never leaves his basement.

“Hey Joe, you finally got out of the basement!” the man yelled.

Biden, who was clearly triggered over the comment, yelled back, “Don’t jump! Don’t jump! Don’t jump!”

The man continued to heckle Biden over some of his left-wing policies.

Bloomberg reporter Tyler Pager tweeted, “Biden was being heckled by a Trump supporter as he arrived to deliver pizzas. The man was waving a Trump flag as he stood on top of a truck. Biden’s response to him: “Don’t jump.”

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