WATCH: Best Buy Employees Have Better Cover 3 Defense Than Your Favorite Football Team Against Thugs

An amazing scene here as Best Buy employees put up a Cover 3 defense like you’d expect from some of the best teams in College Football or the NFL against these thugs trying to steal electronics in a typical smash and grab scenario.

If the word thug offends you, then stop stealing shit. We’re tired of having to write about your miscreant activities here at The DC Patriot. If you don’t want to be called a thug, then stop breaking the damn law.

The video below is something drawn up on a chalk board by Lou Holtz or Nick Saban, it’s simply brilliant.

Well done Best Buy, all that’s missing is an Under Armor logo with a loud “We Must Protect This House” chant!


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Greg Miller
Greg Miller
8 months ago

There’s gotta be a longer vid.