WATCH: Bath and Body Works Employees Attack Customers Over Social Distancing in Scottsdale, Arizona (RAW VIDEO)

What you are about to see in the below video is disturbing. A Bath and Body works employee clearly attacks a customer for not distancing enough, according to what claims are being made. Is this what America has came to? Attacking someone because they are standing to close in your checkout line?

This is completely unacceptable, and the company has yet to make a statement on it.

It’s not okay for you to attack a customer in line because you don’t agree with how close they are standing and have fallen for the idiocy of mask mandates across the nation. My question is, why aren’t these employees being terminated and why aren’t they being sued yet?

It’s so insane that police aren’t even looking at the employees, they’re threatening to prosecute the customers? Wait, what? You can watch the video and see that the employee is the one who clearly started the fight.

Why isn’t this being reported accurately by the mainstream media? Why is it that it’s always those who support the Democrat agenda that get off without any charges?

Scottsdale, Arizona police claim that the fight had nothing to do with race or Covid-19, or masks.

But wait, here’s the local news in Arizona trying to claim that a racial slur was uttered, you know because that allows you to physically harm someone. There’s zero evidence according to the police to show this was racially motivated according to police, but the supposed victim is now claiming the woman in the black and white dress called her a “Karen.”

Now a local news reporter is saying that the “victim” says she was called the “N” word. No one believes this, this is just an attempt to not be sued or fired for assaulting one of your customers. When will Americans stop cowering to this politically correct garbage?

What do you think America?

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John Hetherington
John Hetherington
2 years ago

Bed bath and beyond is on the do not shop list for taking my pillow off the shelf. So America wake up now


[…] WATCH: Bath and Body Works Employees Attack Customers Over Social Distancing in Scottsdale, Arizona … […]

Grace Bruno
Grace Bruno
2 years ago

This was NOT Bed Bath and Beyond it was Bath and Body Works 2 different companies.

2 years ago

Why were only customers being charged with assault? I get it, we’re only seeing a short glimpse of time and stuff occurred before the video starts to roll, but those B&B Works ladies were throwing punches. From the video clip, those employees didn’t look like they were stepping in to stop a brawl, looked like they stepped in and started a brawl. Just saying. Why can’t we all just get along?