WATCH: Attorney Ron Coleman Discusses Whether it was Worth it for Putin to Invade Ukraine on The Matt Couch Show

One of the staunch defenders of free speech and American liberties attorney Ron Coleman joined The Matt Couch Show today with hosts Matt Couch and Chase Geiser.

A terrific conversation about Russia and Ukraine, among many other topics were discussed today, such as did Vladimir Putin anticipate the sanctions? If he did, what options did he weigh that would make the sanctions worth the invasion of Ukraine?

Among the other topics, were the mainstream media trying to tell you everything you need to hear, think, and do, and Coleman explains it in a very enlightened way that everyone can understand.

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Sheila Sure
Sheila Sure
9 months ago

Of course it w the commie Nazi FAUCI BILL GATES biolabs were spraying his people with killing pathogens. C’mon you know you attack those that are doing that to us too.

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