Watch As Pelosi Stutters And Stammers While Explaining High Gas Prices to Americans (VIDEO)

Congresswoman and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is about as coherent as President Joe Biden. Between the two of them it sounds like a drunken Ozzy Osborn song.

In her latest video trying to explain high gas prices to Americans, you know instead of just admitting they are trying to tank the country, they expect you to believe it’s Putin’s fault.

Putin invaded Ukraine at the end of February, which of course explains why your gas bills tripled in January. If you believe this, you’re a moron.

Watch the Queen of stuttering, excuses, and vodka try to explain it in this embarrassing press conference. Keep in mind, this mental midget is two steps away from being President of the United States in the chain of command, God help us all!

“Let’s get back to the question, the larger issue about, Putin’s tax, that’s, uh, really, Putin’s gas hike, that’s his gas hike. So much of this, uh, increase and gas tax, uh, gas price started, uh, eh, uh, weeks leading up to what happened there.”


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deborah soth
deborah soth
10 months ago

We know its not Putins gas hike ….it started before the war started! DUH
Putin just exposed you lying jackazzes ….I can’t wait to see you fail!

10 months ago

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