WATCH as MSNBC Cuts Away as Guest Says ‘Trump Did Nothing Wrong’ (VIDEO)

MSNBC host Hallie Jackson didn’t like the answer she got from a Republican guest on Monday, and quickly cut away to avoid hearing something positive about the President.

Now what did the guest say you might ask? Nothing more than President Trump did nothing wrong withholding lethal aid to the Ukraine to make sure they aren’t corrupt.

She ended an interview segment with former Congressman Chris Cannon abruptly when Cannon asked her to explain which facts contradicted his argument that Trump had done nothing unusual in his handling of the aid.

Jackson: “I think the facts, congressman, maybe believe what your argument is here, when you look at some of the objective facts that not even the White House disputes at this point.”

“What are those facts?” Cannon asked.

You can watch the explosive video segment below:

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