Do you remember the Senator, that a reporter followed into the restroom, harassing her​ for not agreeing that President Joe Bidens Build Back Better is what this country needs? 

Her name is Senator Krysten Sinema and she a Arizona Democratic Senator.  She sat down with Lauren Fox, the CNN Congressional Correspondent on Thursday. During her interview Sinema told Lauren Fox, “When I’m home in Arizona, I hear, number one, about the price of gas and, number two, about the price of food. People are very concerned about the amount they’re spending just to survive every day. And inflation is real.”

And Sinema is spot on. Inflation has hit its highest levels in three decades, with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) hitting 6.2% on a year-over-year measure.  The prices of gas, food and most other products have suffered from a shortage, causing companies to continue to raise their prices as their quarterly profits continue to fall.

Sinema and West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin have become influential members of Congress as they both have stood up for their constituents, and have spoken out against Biden’s Build Back Better Act.

House Democrats passed Biden’s nearly $2 trillion spending package on November 19, but the bill will face a much tougher challenge getting through the Senate, before it can become law, especially with these two not supporting the bill.  

Their votes will be critical for the Senate to pass this dreaded multi-trillion-dollar social spending bill that will do nothing but increase taxes and inflation. If the Republicans all stand together and these two cast their votes against the bill, it could be stopped in its tracks.

Both of these Senators have been protested against, harassed in public, Sinema in a public restroom, as well as in airports and on flights.  It is admirable that they are standing up for what they believe is best for our country, rather than what their democratic party expects them to do.

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