WATCH: AOC Says on ‘Meet The Press’ That Roe v Wade Being Overturned Will Kill Women in Arkansas

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) a Democrat from New York, not one to try to calm things down or speak reasonably about issues, like you would expect from a typical Millennial leftist, again proving her obsession of her own elegance, while doing a segment with NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ with Chuck Todd on Sunday.

Todd brought up the recent Dobbs decision and the resulting pronouncement from Governor Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas, asked AOC, “I want to get your reaction to the governor of Arkansas, especially specifically to this issue of, it is that he is comfortable with the government essentially forcing a woman to carry out her pregnancy?”

On Friday, Governor Hutchinson had merely directed the state to start enforcing the current law on the books, saying, “For me, this is a turning point for our nation. Since Roe v. Wade was decided, the states that desired to protect unborn life have been prohibited from doing so. Personally, I am grateful for the court’s ruling because I have fought a number of decades for greater protections of the unborn for my entire political life.”

Hutchinson continued, “Well, we do know in Arkansas how we will respond, and the response is because the people have already spoken. As a result today, based upon the Attorney General’s certification, I’ll be directing the Arkansas Department of Health to enforce the law and to conduct the necessary inspections and notifications to assure that any abortion provider is in compliance with the law and understands the penalties that are provided therein.”

Hutchinson added, “I would also point out that the state regulation of abortions can still be challenged, but not based upon a constitutional right. This is an important principle. States can regulate. Courts can review. But there’s a presumption that the regulations are appropriate so long as there is a rational basis for the regulation.  

AOC answered saying, “Naturally, I couldn’t disagree more with Governor Hutchinson but what’s important is honing in on the idea that the governor and the Republican Party and frankly, the Republican legislature in Arkansas cares about the life of a woman, life of a mother.”

“The state of Arkansas has the third-highest maternal mortality in the United States. Seventy-one percent of women who die are black women as well. This is a state that has 26% child poverty, where one in four children are living in poverty in the state of Arkansas, and forcing women to carry pregnancies against their will, will kill them, especially in the state of Arkansas, where there is very little to no support for life after birth in terms of health care, in terms of child care, and in terms of combatting poverty, Ocasio-Cortez continued.

“This decision and this policy will kill people no matter what their spin and what their talking points are, and that’s what the data shows, and that’s what the specific show,” AOC added.

You can’t make this up, watch the insanity below!

Hutchinson’s comment was hardly an unrestricted war upon women’s rights; rather, he simply directed the state to start

enforcing what laws it has on the books now that Roe is gone.

Well, as you could see, AOC predictably, went berserk about Hutchinson’s statement, after being asked by Chuck Todd.

Maybe the former bar tender should mix herself one of her favorite drinks and calm down. Even for her, those hysterics are a bit much.

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