WATCH! Antifa Angering the Mexican Mafia, Must Watch Video, This is INSANE!

What you are about witness is humorous, and insane at the same time. Yes, Antifa, the Domestic Terrorist group that attacks old people in wheelchairs is now angering the Mexican Mafia.

From the tattoos, it looks to be a member of Avenidas aka AVE’s. If that’s so, the gang is under the direct control of the Mexican Mafia in Los Angeles. Antifa even trying to start problems with this group is absolutely moronic. This is a death sentence.

Watch the full video below and decide for yourself.

What are your thoughts America?

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28 days ago

I’ve read comments where mental midgets devoid of morals are rooting for the Mexican mafia.
When the pharasee’s accused Jesus of tossing out demons by way of the chief demon he said to them ‘an house divided against itself will not stand.’
Root for the greater demon and get the greater demon.
The Mexican mafia are akin to the taliban. Antifa are only dangerous as a mob with the blue guard protecting them. Spill blood on the main one of the mob – no –
I mean seriously spill its blood and see them react.

Jay Dee
Jay Dee
28 days ago

Most treat Klantifa for the idiot children they are and excuse their tantrums. What cannot continue forever will not. It is inevitable that Klantifa will poke the wrong bear and suffer greviously for their stupidity.

27 days ago

“Kind of want to see it…”?? I’d pay good money to watch that! Many mothers would be busy nursing their 25 and 30 yr-olds. lmao