WATCH: Angry Mob of Pro Palestinians Attack Jewish Diners in New York City, Spitting on Them (Warning Graphic Content)

The scene is quite sickening, and the American mainstream media is corrupt and criminal to the core. They no longer report the truth in America.

An angry pro Palestinian or pro terrorist mob, however you’d like to put it decided to attack Jewish diners last night in New York City.

This is absolutely disgusting, and shame on the mainstream media for not reporting the truth about what’s really happening. The mainstream media is now promoting Antisemitism and it’s absolutely sickening.

WATCH: Graphic Warning for Violence and Language

We at The DC Patriot proudly stand with the nation of Israel and her people.

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Wing Walker
Wing Walker
8 months ago

Perfect reason for Concealed Carry Law !! I would have gladly filled body bags with those terrorists !! The whole group should be arrested and deported, … or shot !!