WATCH: Angry Mob Chases Down Unarmed White Man and Beats the Hell out of Him in Wisconsin

What you are about to see is absolutely sickening and disgusting.

An angry mob of mostly Black Americans chase down an unarmed White man and beat the living hell out of him. We’re not sure if this man is alive or not.

This is happening all across America as the media fuels the fire of these thugs attacking innocent and unarmed Americans. This isn’t about the death of George Floyd, this is about having a reason to act like fools, rob, pillage, and destroy America.

Watch the video below:

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2 years ago

These are rabid animals who should be put down for being the animals they are.
The horrific death of George Floyd is just an excuse for them to riot, steal, destroy, and assault…and they are dishonoring his name by their savagery and hate.

Barry Ripley
Barry Ripley
2 years ago

Pavement apes at it again. I won’t live in a state where I can’t carry a gun.