WATCH: Angry Joe Insults Protestor During Divisive and Hate Filled Labor Day Speech During Tiny Rally

The pretender in chief spoke at a Labor Day event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, celebrating unions and warning workers about the danger of “MAGA Republicans” once again, because why not.

During the hate filled drivel of a speech, a man stood up and began shouting, but it was unclear what he was actually trying to say. Kind of like Biden.

Biden tried to calm his supporters, the few in attendance, as Secret Service members removed the heckler from the event.

“All right. God love you. Let him go. Let him go,” Biden said.

“No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No – don’t, let him go,” Biden continued. “Look, everybody’s entitled to be an idiot.”

Now if the former President Donald J. Trump had of made those same remarks, the media would have called him a hateful bully, a bigot, a coward, silencing free speech, it would have been in the news for days.

However this story, it didn’t even make the mainstream media, it was just swept under the rug like every other debacle the Democrats and Biden family display in public.

You can see the amazing crowd Biden had below. Yes, we’re being sarcastic.

Well, that was underwhelming, wasn’t it?

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Michael Chandler
Michael Chandler
4 months ago

The Dems deceived the American Public running Biden as a moderate , he has always been to the left wanting big Govt. ,big spending but they knew Americans would never stand for outright Socialists like Sanders or Warren so like the Trojan horse they snuck Biden in the back door , kept a muzzle on him during the campaign so the voters would not see how dangerous he is. Tens of thousands are rolling over in their graves at Arlington cemetary as the freedom they sacrificed for was freely given away by this generation for a false sense of security… Read more »