WATCH: American Living in Eastern Ukraine Since 2014 Speaks Out on What’s Really Happening That Western Media Won’t Report

An amazing interview by Cyrus Janssen of an American photojournalist who’s been living in Eastern Ukraine since 2014 tells a completely different story of what Americans are being told about the war between Ukraine and Russia.

“The war has been going on for 8 years now, I came here just before the war officially started,” Patrick Lancaster stated.

That’s right folks, this war didn’t start in the last six weeks like the United States government, western media, and all the rest have lied to you about. It’s been going on for 8 years, and Patrick explains what’s really happening in detailed descriptions live on the streets of Eastern Ukraine.

“I got to Crimea (in 2014) and I really saw a big difference in what was being shown in the western media and what was really going on. Before I got there I saw that you know the media was making it seem like that Russia was trying to make the locals in Crimea become more towards Russia. But once I got there I just saw the overwhelming support and sea of Russian flags and everything. Virtually every person I met was for Russia and becoming part of Russia. The people that were born before 1956 were born in Russia, so it made sense to them.”

Patrick continues to tell a story that the media has been lying about what’s been happening in that region for 8 years, and as we’ve told you here at The DC Patriot, why are Americans so willing to trust the same media that’s lied to you about everything for the last 7 years?

“It’s a lot different than the west was making it out to seem. There’s no Ukrainian language that’s spoken here, the vast majority of the population is ethnically Russian, and they’d like to consider this area part of Russia, and they definitely do now.”

The host Cyrus Janssen asks what about the minority of Ukrainians, how do they feel, and this was Lancaster’s response.

“Well Yeah, there’s definitely a minority of other people besides the ethnically Russian, not only the Ukrainians, there’s the Crimean tartars as well. As far as the Ukrainians, they all still speak Russian, and they did before Russia taking over with the Referendum and Russia taking over. Some of them did choose to leave like the police force, the military that was there, not all of the military.”

He continued about Crimea in 2014…

“For all intensive purposes, Crimea made a turnover without any fighting. People were free to leave if they wanted or stay if they wanted. All people who stayed were able to get Russian citizenship. The people were EXTREMELY happy.”

Lancaster then went into extreme detail about the Donbass region that the Ukrainians have been attacking since 2014 and explains this region has been at war since 2014.

“The locals that live here do not consider this part of Eastern Ukraine anymore. That’s something that went out the window after the Referendum eight years ago. Especially now with all of the new developments happening with the new recognition from Russia. Over the last two years, Russia has been issuing Russian passports and citizenship to the locals here.”

“These people have been living under eight years of war, that’s what a lot of people in the west don’t realize. Yeah, Russia is invaded Ukraine right now, but that’s not the start of the war. The war started in 2014.”

“These people here in Donetsk have been under intense attack year after year from Ukrainian territory. They’ve been fighting back of course, but they started this with protests in 2014 after Midon and Crimea. A lot of them hoped and prayed after seeing what happened in Crimea that Russia was able to absorb Crimea again they thought the same thing was gonna happen here. Once they did the Referendum, they put up their borders. Once they did all of that Ukraine said no we’re not gonna let that fly. With thousands and thousands of civilians dying.”

“I’ve been working here on this side of the contact line, in the anti-Ukraine government territory so I’ve only been able to show what happens here. But what I’ve seen here with my own eyes is indiscriminate shelling of civilian areas year after year by Ukrainian forces. Indiscriminate and targeted in fact.”

“Just last month there were two electric plants, civilian electric plants targeted by Ukrainian forces. Now that the war is really hot, attacks are coming in every hour. The only thing that’s being shown in the west is results of Russian attacks on Ukraine. What the west isn’t showing is every day here in Donetsk there is attacks from Ukraine consoled territory, Ukraine attacking the civilian population here. In the last 12 days there’s been 19 civilians killed, and I believe 27 injured. These are results of Ukrainian attacks on mostly civilian areas.”

This interview tells what’s really happening in the Ukraine, and that the Ukrainian government is attacking civilians and even targeting them. It’s time for the American media to report the truth.

“The people that are all drafted and mobilized here are taken into the Donetsk People’s Republic, People’s Militia they call it that is working in conjunction with the Russian military.”

Watch this bombshell interview below!


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10 months ago

This takes the Ukraine scenario a little further back than 2014. No thanks to the CIA.

Felipe Zapata
10 months ago

It’s amazing to me that even most American conservatives are on the side of Ukraine. Just proves how effective the MSM is. Conservatives think the MSM lies about everything … but not about Ukraine.

NATO caused the current war.

Robert Hosken
9 months ago

Which are you: a mole, a troll, or just a plain old nutroll?