WATCH: Alex Jones UNLOADS on Left, Takes Ivermectin LIVE on Air Dispelling “Its Horse Dewormer” Myth

Alex Jones is controversial. Alex Jones says things that hurts the feelings of tens of millions of Americans. Alex Jones is hated by the left and the mainstream media. Alex Jones is hated by RINO’s (Republicans in Name Only). However we’re at a cross roads in America to where more and more common sense minded Americans are starting to realize that those you’ve been told are the enemy, aren’t the enemy at all.

Alex Jones took to the airwaves on his massive InfoWars platform to dispel the myth that the FDA approved drug Ivermectin, which one a Nobel Peace Price in 2015, isn’t safe for humans.

In the following video, Jones has multiple prescriptions for the anti-viral drug Ivermectin, and Jones says “Didn’t get this at a Tractor Supply.”

“You see this Fauci, You see this Bill Gates,” Jones stated.

Jones also reacts to his good friend Joe Rogan who beat Covid in less than 48 hours with Ivermectin and other preventative measures. Rogan announced on Friday that he was already negative for the coronavirus.

Watch the explosive video below.

You don’t have to like Alex Jones, but the evidence is mounting in an insurmountable way that these preventative measures are saving millions of lives.

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