WATCH: AG Bill Barr WRECKS CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Jacob Blake & Mail in Voting

I’m not sure how this one slipped through the cracks as most of the conservative media hasn’t reported it this week, but it’s Sunday and time for some recap articles here at the DC Patriot.

Attorney General Bill Barr was interviewed by Wolf Blitzer late last week, and Barr went rogue tearing apart the insanity and remarks of Blitzer.

Liberal Aaron Ruper tries to share this video and act like Jacob Blake wasn’t armed in the discussion with Barr and Blitzer. You know, that same Jacob Blake that had been arrested prior for pulling a gun in a bar on people a year ago. That same Jacob Blake that had a felony sexual assault of a minor warrant for his arrest, that same guy that fought with police, had a 911 call about him because he was trespassing, resisted arrest, fought of a taser, had a knife in his hand, and walked to his vehicle to dig for something as police ordered him not to. You know, that little angel Jacob Blake.

Here’s Barr destroying Wolf.

The witness who shot the video said that he heard police yell, “Drop the knife.” The fact that Blitzer can’t bother to get familiar with the case beyond Blake’s attorney’s press release is quintessentially CNN.

“I think the narrative that the police are on some epidemic of shooting unarmed Black men is simply a false narrative, and also the narrative that that’s based on race… It’s very rare for an unarmed African American to be shot by a white police officer.”

Barr wasn’t done, in this next video you’ll see how he just literally closes the door on Wolf saying there are no issues with mail in voting.

Barr warns that a widespread use of mail-in ballots (not to be confused with absentee ballots) will cause the results of the election to not be accepted. This is something I think the Democrats are counting on.

All in all, I hope you enjoyed our phenomenal Attorney General ripping CNN’s mythical talking points to shreds. It was quite glorious to watch wasn’t it?

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