WATCH: AEW Wrestling on TNT Mocks Jesus and Christians Putting Barbed Wire Crown on Adam Cole’s Head on Good Friday

This is one of the most classless and disgusting things I’ve ever seen in my lifetime, and I’m a lifelong fan of pro wrestling. I covered it for years on internet and satellite radio. But this, this takes the cake on anything I’ve ever seen, and trust me when I tell you this, I’ve seen a lot.

Wrestlers from past were outraged, as were millions of fans from around the globe. We’ve seen some horrific angles involving religion in pro wrestling, but never on the holy days themselves, nothing like this.

Former President of WCW World Championship Wrestling Eric Bischoff tee’d off on a wrestling influencer who thought the skit was “funny” on National Television.

“You find this funny?

WWE Hall of Famer, member of D-Generation X, and The New Aged Outlaws Road Dogg Jesse James, real name Brian G. James added the following.

“Would it be ok if they mocked ANY other religion?

Brian’s right, it wouldn’t be. In fact if it was any other religion besides Christianity, the mainstream media would have been all over this with faux outrage and claiming “white supremacy” and anything else under the sun to spin the narrative.

Here’s the scene below from All Elite Wrestling which airs Wednesday nights on TBS with their flagship show Dynamite for two hours LIVE, and then their Rampage show which airs for two hours on Friday nights, which was taped on Wednesday nights.

Keep in mind, this was taped on Wednesday night and they still felt like it was a good idea to air this on National Television on Good Friday. The holiest week for Christians in the world.

There are some saying it wasn’t meant to be a crown, but when the company themselves says on their official Twitter:

“Dead-eye with the barbed wire crown THROUGH THE TABLE! #Hangman @theadampage and @adamcolepro leaving the entire crowd speechless right now! #AEWRampage is LIVE on @tntdrama!”

It’s pretty hard to ignore what they were trying to do here.. This is where it’s tough for me, I’m a lifelong pro wrestling fan, I’ve seen insane satanic like angles with WWE’s The Undertaker, who pledged his love and built back relationship with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ while being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame two weekends ago.

So this is tough, it was in poor taste, it was classless, and it was trash. Those are all facts. Will I stop watching what I feel is a legit competitor to the WWE and Vince McMahon? No, no I won’t because I love the sport of pro wrestling and have since I was a child. However, this is America. I’m allowed to voice my criticisms, I’m allowed to be upset when they slap my faith in the face. We’re allowed to speak out without wanting to cancel everything that offends us.

Was I offended. A little, shocked is more like it. Shocked because you can do these kinds of angles in wrestling, but NOT on the holiest holidays. Because when you do that, you’re proving that you are intentionally trying to make a point to insult that demographic. It’s not for shock and awe, it’s intentionally being an asshole.

That’s my take, what’s yours?

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