WATCH: A New Sneaky Gas Pump Scheme Caught On Camera is Spreading

Pay attention this Christmas holiday season, there’s a new scam at the pumps!

While gas prices are soaring thanks to Joe Biden’s America, a new scheme has emerged and is popping up everywhere.

This one is a doozy and can catch anyone who doesn’t know what it’s about off guard, and especially if you don’t know what to look for or how it works.

It’s running full speed ahead in California, and other states are starting to pick it up as well.

ABC 10 reported that a new gas pump scheme in Sacramento County could have people pumping gas only to realize that it didn’t make it into their own tank. Wait, what?

Surveillance video shows two drivers pull up to a fuel station at the ARCO on WATT Avenue and Blackfoot Way Sunday. The men quickly swap nozzles, and one drives away as they wait for unsuspecting customers to pull up.

Manager of the location Bobby John wants to spread awareness of this scam.

“It was real quick, only took a second,” Johl said, “But you can see now, the hose comes across the pump instead of on the side itself.”
He says, when the victims pulled up and started pumping gas, the suspect started his meter too and counted on the victims not to notice they were paying for his gas.

Johl said It’s the first time in his career that he’s seen this, and customers were also left shocked.

“Crazy! It’s mad times we’re living in, you know. That someone would even think about doing that,” said customer Michael Scott.

The trick isn’t exactly brand new, in 2019 the Roseville Police Department arrested a man accused of pulling off the same scheme at least a dozen times. Police say customers should take a moment to verify the hose is connected to the correct pump before pumping gas.

You can see how it works below from this surveillance video.


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