WATCH: ’30 Minutes of Heaven’ with Matt Couch and Chase Geiser 3.29.22 (M-F 4:15 EST LIVE)

If you haven’t checked out the new show started by Matt Couch and Chase Geiser (The Matt Couch Show and One American Podcast) you’re truly missing out.

These two independent media giants have joined forces to bring a different spin to the politics and life in general, adding comedy, laughs, and one liners that will have you laughing, blushing, and probably triggered.

They go LIVE every day now at 3:15 CST 4:15 EST on Rumble, Roku, Foxhole, GETTR, CloutHub, DLive, and Twitch among others.

Get subscribed to the shows and make it part of your daily routine, you won’t be disappointed.

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