On Friday, while delivering remarks at South Carolina State University’s graduation ceremony, President Joe Biden called his Vice-President, Kamala Harris as “President Harris.”  During his speech Biden said, “All kidding aside, of course President Harris is a proud Howard alum.”​

Of course, this is not the first time Biden as referred to Harris as “President Harris.”  Earlier this year while speaking at the White House in March, he referred to Harris as the President.  And last year in September of 2020 Biden called his then-potential White House team the “Harris-Biden” administration during a speaking event in Tampa, Florida.

There hasn’t been an explanation of why Biden continues to refer to Harris as “President Harris.” It is even more difficult to understand, since according to CNN. House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday, “That despite the fact that Biden will be 82-years-old after the 2024 election, Biden has every intention of running for reelection.”

But a new poll indicates that Biden may be facing a steep uphill battle in the 2024 reelection campaign. The poll released last week by Politico-Morning Consult found that more independent voters prefer to see Donald Trump rather than Joe Biden on the ballot in 2024. According to the poll, when asked who should replace Biden as the Democratic nominee in 2024 if he doesn’t seek reelection, 31% of respondents back Vice-President Kamala Harris and 11% support Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

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