Washington, D.C. on Major Lockdown as Washington Monument & Other Spaces Closed Due to “Credible Threats”

The mainstream media is in full panic mode after last weeks events as they claim that Washington, D.C. is being shutdown due to “credible threats” relating to those who “invaded” the Capitol (their words, not ours.)

The National Park Service is shutting down tours of the Washington Monument and closing other public spaces in DC due to “credible threats to visitors and park resources.”

The following is a statement from the National Park Service.

The facts are that not one Trump supporter or conservative killed ANYONE at the Capitol on Wednesday. In fact Capitol Police shot and killed a woman at point blank range who was as 34-year-old young Air Force Veteran. The officer that was killed has now been said to be due to medications, according to Capitol Police.

The President didn’t say anything about violence, and in fact said to be Patriotic and Peaceful in his address. Just more lies as the mainstream media tries to slander his supporters and office.

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