Washington, D.C. Mayor Says U.S. ‘Descending Into a Race War’

There’s no shortage of controversy surrounding Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, and she sure likes to provoke anarchy and chaos whenever she has a chance.

During a press conference to discuss the violent protests that rocked the city over the weekend, Ms. Bowser was asked by The Washington Post’s Fenit Nirappil whether the “police tactics” being employed against rioters could “exacerbate tensions further.”

“What I’m worried about is this country descending into a race war, Fenit,” the mayor answered. “And I’m worried about the continued incitement of violence from leadership who should be focused on bringing our communities together.”

“You’re asking me about the end result when we need to be talking about what the trigger is,” she continued. “Because our police and peaceful protesters will be safer when we come together as a community and tamp down this Black versus White rhetoric.”

There are not mobs of angry White Conservatives in the streets starting a “race war.” the only people starting problems are anarchist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, those are the facts Ms. Bowser. The fact that she wants to act like there’s a race war being started by anyone other than liberals is absolutely asinine.

Earlier in the conference, Ms. Bowser blamed “outside agitators” for the violent clashes between rioters and police, which continued for a second night Sunday near Black Lives Matter Plaza.

“Our collective attention in the District of Columbia is reducing violence of all kinds and of all forms and in all places,” she said. “What we’re certainly not going to do is stand by and allow outside agitators to come to our city to distract us from the work of D.C. residents.”

Apparently Black Lives Matter took offense to the Black Mayor who supports them mentioning a race war and made this statement about her comments.

If there is a race war in #DC, @MayorBowser would be complicit through her silence during blatantly racist actions of @DCPoliceDept. D.C. officer, two supervisors disciplined in case involving inappropriate T-shirts

That’s right America, these clowns are upset about t-shirts while cities burn.. You can’t even make this stuff up anymore.

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