Washington, D.C. HACK Mayor Begs National Guard to Come Because of Violent Conservative Patriots

The Washington, D.C. Mayor who’s office is full of corruption and tyranny is now asking and begging for the National Guard to come in to help quell violence in the Nation’s capital this week.

According to Bowser the last two marches and events were riddled with violence. Unfortunately for the disgruntled mayor, she’s not telling you the truth. No violence took place accept when Antifa terrorists attacked Patriots walking back to their hotels. The Patriots then defended themselves, but make no mistake about it, they did not start it.

According to the mayor, the demonstrations and events on November 14th, 2020 and December 12th, 2020 which resulted in a large influx of participants, violence, and criminal activity.

Ms. Mayor, none of the violence or criminal activity was perpetrated by conservatives, Trump supporters, or The Proud Boys. The only thing you saw were those of us defending ourselves. Your letter is a LIE and a Tyrannical sham that your administration is known for.

See the Mayor’s ridiculous letter below.

We will be in Washington, D.C. and We The People will NOT be intimated!

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