Was Jesus Racist? Pastor Brian Gibson HAMMERS Openly Gay Liberal Reverend Who Coined This Question in Sunday Message (VIDEO)

A so called liberal preacher who claims to be a pastor Brandon Robertson took to Tic Tok saying that Jesus was a racist. This mental midget literally asked the question last week “Was Jesus racist?” Our good friend of The DC Patriot Pastor Brian Gibson of His Church addresses this question in his Sunday morning service today.

The cancel culture crowd is out of control, and Pastor Gibson addresses that in this Sunday’s message.

Robertson who claims to be a reverend

“Just some woke, probably paid, wanna be preacher, I won’t even call him Reverend. Let’s just call him Brandon Robertson,” Gibson said.

“I want to take you to the story where this guy points out that Jesus was a racist. Jesus had to repent of his thinking. Here’s what I know about Jesus. I know that Jesus is the sinless son of the living God, behold the lamb of God who took away the sin of the world.”

“See Jesus is sinless, and if Jesus was a racist, he could not be sinless.”

Robertson is a self-proclaimed openly gay reverend who claims Jesus acted in racist ways towards the Syrophoenician woman in Mark 7, and has now been called out by pastors around the world.

Here’s the video of this false prophet below claiming that Jesus was racist.


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One of the most skilled theologians in our time James White also unloaded on Robertson. White warned Christians against addressing absurd heresy like this in an emotional manner, as is the temptation for many. He argued we should think presuppositionally when confronting issues such as this.

“He’ll still call himself reverend. They’ll still use the external activities of religiosity,” White explained. “But what this man just said was that Jesus is not a savior, can’t be a savior, he’s a sinner, he’s a racist, he’s not as good as a Syrophoenician woman. She had to speak truth to power. He’s not the truth, he’s not the way, he’s not the life, he’s not the savior. He was a lie from the beginning. But he’ll still call himself a Christian.”

Pastor Gibson took his time addressing this issue, and I personally consider him one of my best friends in life. I spoke to him Saturday night when he was in a study session by himself and in prayer working on his sermon today to address this blasphemy. I encourage you all to watch the fiery and passionate, yet educated response by Pastor Gibson below. It’s amazing, and should be shared far and wide.

This openly gay reverend is upset because Jesus called this woman a dog. You can’t make this up.

Gibson continued his explanation of the verse this pastor called Jesus a racist in.

“Jesus intentionally doesn’t answer her. Why? Testing her will, testing her faith.”

Did you know this, she was of the wealthiest class of where they lived. And they often took the bread from the peasant jews, took their assets and their money, and fed their own children. They had been taking the bread from the children from the nation of Israel forever, and Jesus was exposing what was really happening in the culture of that time. This guy doesn’t tell you this because it would mess up his wokeology.”

WATCH: This amazing sermon below America, this needs shared far and wide!

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1 year ago

in a nut shell, there are TONS of scriptures, but this one fits exactly.

1st timothy 4:1