WARNING: Don’t Take the Red Wave for Granted

I’ve been warning for months now to not take the Red Wave for granted. Republicans everywhere are relying on their hope-ium, holding onto the hope that the GOP will take back the House and/or Senate. The reality is that we need more than just hope… we need action.

The Democrats are doing everything in their power to be able to win the 2022 Mid-Terms with little-to-no election fraud. They are using the overturning of Roe v Wade to get their base fired up, and I think that a lot of Republicans are underestimating just how revved up they’ve gotten their base over murdering babies.

Then you look at Joe Biden’s Hitler-esque speech the other night where he labeled MAGA Republicans as extremists that are a threat to democracy, all while standing in what can only be described as a backdrop fitting of a Nazi dictator. Those were fighting words, and it’s clear it’s meant to create more division, animosity and potential violence.

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Our one shot of thwarting their mission of utterly destroying America is to win the 2022 Mid-Terms in such a landslide that we overcome even their most blatant attempts to rig the election. Otherwise, I don’t foresee America making it to the 2024 elections.

During a recent episode of BrighteonTV’s America Unhinged, I guest-hosted for Dr John Diamond. I spent the entire hour explaining why I’m concerned about the 2022 Mid-Terms, why we can’t take the Red Wave for granted and what we need to do between now and November to ensure we save America.

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