Wanda Sykes Says She Will Only Vote for ‘Old White’ Joe Biden if he Gets a Boyfriend (VIDEO)

When former Vice President Joe Biden officially entered the race for the White House, the media hailed the career politician as the savior who would deliver them from Trump and have already all but crowned him as the Democrat nominee.

But in their rush to put their seal of approval on a seriously flawed candidate, the establishment and the press are showing that they have a huge blind spot when it comes to the newly radicalized party which has embraced socialism as a way to avenge perceived injustices at the hands of white men.

Beltway Biden’s greatest obstacle is one that he is not going to be able to overcome even if the human gaffe machine does somehow manage to avoid imploding before next summer’s convention.

That is the color of his skin which is a deal killer with the younger generation of social justice zealots along with the cult of victimhood.

While the media and pollsters are hailing Biden today, it’s apparent that they have learned nothing since 2016 when they all said that Hillary Clinton was unbeatable and that she would easily crush President Trump in the election.

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