Walmart Takes Shot at Arkansas Legislature Over Bills that Ban Trans Surgery for Minors

It’s truly sickening what we are seeing as corporate America is working overtime to try to fundamentally change America for worse to a socialist hell hole that only benefits them, while crushing the American people.

Walmart today joined the ranks of Amazon and others attacking a state government for doing what the people of that state asked them to do. The Bill that passed protects all classes, which Walmart praised. However they still managed to take a cheap shot at the Arkansas State House and Senate who overrode Governor Asa Hutchinson’s veto to put measures in place that stop gender surgeries and gender altering drugs for minors. Yes, Walmart is for that.

“We believe it’s good for Arkansas to be a welcoming place and to be seen as such with decisions like this one. Unfortunately, a number of bills being considered by the legislature targeting the LGBTQ+ community are troubling and work against that goal.”

The Bill that passed the Arkansas Senate 65-26 vote with 5 representatives voting “present.” cleared the state Senate last week by a wide margin. The bill sponsors say it will keep people convicted of committing violent rimes against protected classes of individuals in prison.

The bill, co-sponsored by Sen. Jimmy Hickey Jr (R) and Speaker Matthew Shepherd (R), would ensure anyone convicted of a violent felony under “aggravating circumstances” would have to serve at least 80 percent of their sentence before being eligible to be released.

This was the second hate crimes bill to be filed during the current legislative session. Senate Bill 3, sponsored by Senator Jim Hendren, has yet to be brought up in the Senate Judiciary Committee, despite it being referred there on January 11.

Shepherd said earlier this month that his bill improves over the other measure, claiming it covers all classes of people and can expand to more groups in the future.

“Once we enact it, it’s there. You’re covered. Every class, every category, every group is covered, across-the-board, and really isn’t that the way it supposed to be,” the speaker noted.

The issue Walmart has with the Arkansas Senate and House is that they’ve enacted bills that won’t allow parents to let minors under the age of 18 have gender surgeries, or to give them gender altering drugs. Both are great decisions from a moral and ethical standpoint. No one should be changing the gender of anyone, and persons should all be at the adult age of 18 to make said decisions. Anything else should be criminal towards a minor.

What are your thoughts America? Shame on Walmart for being okay with parents altering or changing the gender of minors.

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