The nation’s largest private employer is launching an emergency leave policy for its 1.4 million hourly U.S. workers. Walmart’s senior vice president of U.S. benefits Adam Stavisky told The Associated Press that this new policy is a ‘’recognition”‘ of these “unprecedented and uncharted times.” 

The new policy will include allowing its employees not to be penalized for taking time off if they feel uncomfortable working because of fear of the spreading new virus.  The policy, which covers both Walmart and Sam’s Club workers will cover hourly workers who work in a store, club, office or distribution center no matter when they were hired, including part-time employees.

The workers will receive up to two weeks of pay if they’re required to quarantine by the government or by the retailer. Workers who have a confirmed case of the new virus will also receive two weeks of pay. If they are not able to return to work after that time, additional pay may be provided for up to 26 weeks for both full-time and part-time hourly workers.

Mr. Stavisky also said “We are looking to provide some additional support so they can better weather these times.”   He added they will continue to monitor the situation and adjust the policy as needed.
For additional information please visit our friends at AP.

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