Walmart CEO: It’s time to Debate Renewing Assault Weapons Ban

A company that caters to the middle class may have made a drastic mistake PR wise.

Walmart’s CEO is talking about banning semi-automatic weapons. A move that should anger the majority of Walmart’s customer base, a southern based company.

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon on Thursday called for a national debate on whether an assault weapons ban that Congress let expire in 2004 would be effective “in keeping weapons made for war out of the hands of mass murderers.”

Walmart hasn’t sold semiautomatic guns or hand guns in years, despite calls for the retailer to stop selling them by uneducated liberals.

Walmart is declining calls for it to stop selling guns after recent shootings killed more than 20 people at two of its stores in Mississippi and Texas.

Do you think this will hurt Walmart’s business from conservatives in America?

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