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Wait What? Man Who Sucker Punched Conservative Student on Video Pleads Not Guilty

Happy Hump Day America, you just can’t makeup this level of insanity.

Zach Greenberg who punched a Turning Point USA Conservative Student in the face, twice on video for no reason, has plead “not guilty” today in court.

I hate to break it to this genius, but you’re on video punching a much smaller dude twice in the face, and he doesn’t even fight back. Good luck with that stud.

You can watch the video from Charlie Kirk, TPUSA’s President below.

I believe the video speaks for itself, and it’s absolutely absurd that this ignoramus would please “not guilty.”

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1 year ago

Thanks to the infiltration on 88% hiring (by design) of Liberal professors in ALL THE COLLEGES during the Clinton/Obama decades, these people no longer know or comprehend what TRUTH even means. Sentence should be SWIFT AND SEVERE. We the People.

Stuart Malcolm
Stuart Malcolm
1 year ago

Likely, his lawyer will get the, Liberal Activist, Judge to not allow the video (evidence) allowed to be shown in court. Our Justice System is in tatters.

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