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Voting to Save our Country.

Hello America, I hope everyone is having a great week. I don’t know about you all but I’m looking forward to the weekend. And I’ll tell you something else I’m looking forward to!! And thats voting in November!!

Ladies and gents, in 2016 this country had an election that shocked not only this country, but the world. Donald Trump won the election. If you all remember weeks leading up to the election every news outlet in America was saying Hillary has a 10 point lead, Hillary is already predicted to win this state and that state. But then as we sat there that night, and the votes came in the so called states that the MSM had Hillary winning turned Red for Trump. And as the night went on every MSM outlet started having doubts little by little. They all kept saying oh wow Trump could win this thing. And by the late evening guess what Happened??

President Trump WON!!

Now fast forward to 2020, once again we are looking at an election that could decide the fate of our country. And let’s just be honest here, it’s going to decide the fate of this country ladies and gents because we have already seen in these last few weeks how the Democrats want our country to be. They want the police fired, the want criminals running around, and they want people causing riots and looting. They want anarchy and they want to turn our great country into a socialist country where everyone is dependent upon the Government. They want to take away the very thing we all love to have and thats our Freedom.

Folks in the next few months, we are going to be asked to cast our votes once again to decide who our President is going to be, and not only our President but our elected officials. America I’m begging you with everything I have, lets turn this country Red!!

Let’s make this election the most landslide victory election the world has ever seen. I’ve talked to a few people who believe all hope is lost that we won’t win. And too that I say this. DON’T GIVE UP HOPE!! Because thats exactly what the Democrats want!!

Just like in 2016 we the people can change this country for the better, just like in 2016 we can make sure our country remains strong. I ask you all to not only keep praying for our President, but keep praying for this great country. Because just like in 2016 I believe God can and will help us keep this country alive and strong.

Get out and vote in November America!!

Because we are voting to save our country from the Democrats who wish to destroy it.




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5 months ago


5 months ago

Yeah them damn democrats telling the truth and trying to save hundreds of thousands of lives when our current president had his thumb up his asshole for two months. Gosh, so sorry some of us give a shit about anything other than the economy and DTJ’s Twitter ban, golly. You don’t argue why the democrats are bad other than wanting to de-fund an already broken institution and maybe trying to not to shoot unarmed civilians both protesting and going about their daily lives. I’m sorry, but if Trump is the good guy I’m fine being labeled a fucking terrorist if… Read more »

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