Voters Say Media is the “Biggest Threat to Democracy” in Latest Poll

For Immediate Release: October 21, 2022
Contact: Ryan Hite, Communications Director

NYT’s Own Poll Finds Huge Bipartisan Agreement on Media’s Threat

Washington, D.C.: “It seems the vast majority of every major political persuasion are unified on one key fact: that the mainstream media is a big threat to our democratic republic,” said Phyllis Schlafly Eagles President Ed Martin. “It’s stunning to see a huge majority of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents agree on something, but obviously on this one they are absolutely right. The ‘Narrative Machine’ (as I often call it) has backfired in an epic way, and it’s sputtering now as it’s forced along through the midterm elections.”

In fact, this polling shows that no matter how prolifically the left has used Congress and the Executive Branch to label Trump and MAGA Americans a so-called “threats to Democracy,” nearly as many people view Joe Biden as a threat as well.

Martin continued, “The most interesting extrapolation of all (from a New York Times poll, no less) is how unified Americans are in understanding the threat of our media run wild. They exist almost purely as political propaganda. Americans miss the news! We want straightforward facts reported and straightforward questions asked by reporters in the field. Every broadcast and article now is so blatantly twisted up in an agenda, and people have had enough!

“As often as polling is just plain wrong, I think these results paint an honest picture of the American voter. They want media to stop shoving a narrative and carrying water for political bosses. One bit of icing on this cake is that the media moguls themselves footed the bill for this revealing information! The irony though is that they’ve spent so long not telling the truth that I’m sure they won’t recognize it even when they have paid to have it put in front of them.”

Read the polling: Narrative backfire: ‘Mainstream media’ most widely feared threat to democracy in new poll – Just the News.

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