Virginia Governor Will Read ‘Roots’ to Show He’s Sensitive to Issues at Hand

Embattled Virginia Governor Ralph Northam continues to defy calls for his resignation over a racist college yearbook photo that detonated last weekend in a hysterical media firestorm.

Capping off a week when he defended a Democrat bill that would legalize infanticide and the resulting criticism, Northam was shellshocked when the three-decades-old picture of him either in “blackface” or full KKK regalia was published by conservative website Big League Politics.

The governor initially apologized over the picture but flip-flopped the very next day by denying that it was him although he did confess to wearing “blackface” but only as a tribute to Michael Jackson and before his horrified wife stopped him, was prepared to do the moonwalk at the press conference.

Democrats screamed for Northam’s head and were led by 2020 frontrunner Kamala Harris (who once sang his praises) but despite his poor judgment, the governor has been the beneficiary of some astounding luck.

The man who would be replacing him, the black Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax was tripped up on his way to the governor’s mansion by credible allegations of sexual assault that were tantamount to rape and is currently pleading for the hyper-politicized FBI to investigate his accusers.

Not only that but the third in the line of succession, Attorney General Mark Herring also admitted that he had dressed up in “blackface” throwing the entire situation into such a state of abject chaos that Northam looks like is incredibly going to survive.

According to a report, the disgraced racist is furiously working to patch things up with black voters and he will sensitize himself to their oppression by reading the take of Kunta Kinte’s family as told in Alex Haley’s epic novel “Roots” which was a smash hit miniseries back in the day before Northam’s ill-fated college picture was taken.

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