Virginia Democrat Introduces Bill Criminalizing Parents Who Won’t Affirm Their Child’s Gender Identity as ‘Child Abuse’

In the world of liberalism, insanity isn’t even a defense anymore. These people are disgusting, corrupt, and borderline criminal. No, they are criminal, this is sickening.

Virginia Delegate Elizabeth Guzman (D) has now introduced a bill in Virginia originally proposed in 2020 in the Virginia House that would expand the state’s definition of “child abuse” to include not affirming a child’s gender identity or sexual orientation.

That’s right, these lunatics want you to allow someone under the age of 18 to pick their gender, and if you don’t agree to it, it’s child abuse.

The bill threatens parents who go against the left’s LGBTQ agenda, even in their own homes, with criminal charges. This is the Democrats and Joe Biden’s America, vote accordingly in November folks.

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She intentionally filed the bill in response to Republican Governor Youngkin’s new policy stating that public school employees can’t hide information about a student’s gender identity with their parents, and must disclose any changes to a child’s name, pronouns, or preferred gender with parents before implementing those changes at school.

The clear implication? Raise your kids how the We the State tell you, or we’ll destroy your life – and, effectively, the lives of anyone living in your home, including the kids Guzman is claiming to protect.

WJLA reports:

“What could the penalties be if the investigation concludes that a parent is not affirming of their LGBTQ child? What could the consequences be?” 7News WJLA-TV Reporter Nick Minock asked Guzman on Thursday.

“Well, we first have to complete an investigation,” Guzman answered. “It could be a felony, it could be a misdemeanor, but we know that CPS charge could harm your employment, could harm their education, because nowadays many people do a CPS database search before offering employment.”

The left-wing radical lawmaker then suggested not affirming a child’s gender identity is tantamount to abuse, the only parents who could possibly have a problem with her proposal are abusive ones, openly stating the law is there to “tell you the do’s and don’ts” of how to raise your own children.

“This is not a bill that will agitate parents because we haven’t seen any parents to come against it,” she went on, adding that the new law would be “educating parents, because the law tells you the do’s and don’ts. So this law is telling you do not abuse your children because they are LGBTQ.”

Guzman even claimed that the Bible supports bills like hers because Scripture “says to accept everyone for who they are” – an incorrect claim with which many theologians would easily take issue.

“The Bible says to accept everyone for who they are,” she claimed. “So that’s what I tell them when they asked me that question, and that’s what I will continue to tell people. You know, we all have a commitment to God And for those believers out there, we know that there’s life after life, and there is going to be a conversation between that person and God and that’s what we’re after, to go by what the Bible says. It is not my job to judge anyone. It is my job to help people.”

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