Viral Video of Girl Cheerfully Getting Abortion at Planned Parenthood is Barbaric

It’s very seldom that I am speechless in my opinions and views, but unfortunately this is one of those times.

A widely viewed TikTok video that has drawn horrified responses shows a girl laughing and apparently having fun as she reveals her pregnancy and heads to Planned Parenthood for what appears to be her second abortion attempt.

The video shows the girl exposing her somewhat swollen abdomen and laughing in the car, apparently on her way to Planned Parenthood to have an abortion. It continues with footage of her smiling as she actually undergoes the abortion, and a close-up of the ultrasound image as her baby is aborted.

According to previous TikTok posts, the girl had taken the Plan B “emergency contraceptive” pill in an attempt to terminate the pregnancy.

Live Action President Lila Rose tweeted the video, noting the post is “in violation of countless Community Guidelines against ‘violent content,’ ‘depictions of deaths,’ and ‘dismembered humans.’”

Rose referred to the fact that, last June, she announced Twitter had again banned both of her accounts and that of her organization from all ads.

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