Vince McMahon relaunches XFL Pro Football League, Players will stand, No Criminals


Vince McMahon announced this afternoon that he is relaunching the XFL Football League. The League launched in 2001 and lasted one season the first go round. This time Vince McMahon when asked about a cross over between the XFL and WWE stated “I’ll be hiring professionals, no crossovers.”

McMahon relaunches the XFL with a Red, White, and Blue Sharp Logo as seen above. A different feel this time around. I was at one of the very first XFL’s ever in Memphis, TN back in 2001 at the Liberty Bowl. The Atmosphere was great, and the action was fun. I even met Jim Ross and Dick Butkus who did play by play that night.

McMahon said “As far as our league is concerned, it will have nothing to do with politics and nothing to do with social issues.” He went onto say “There’s plenty of opportunities and plenty of ways that players, coaches, and members of the media can express themselves… but again we’re here to play football,”

The XFL will have 63,000,000 or more fans as the NFL has sided with one political party to allow the disrespect of America’s National Anthem and Flag. Players from every team but the Minnesota Vikings have taken a knee at some point during this season. NFL ratings are the lowest in 20 years.

Vince McMahon stated that there will be no criminals in his league per league rules. He said “Even if you’ve had a DUI, you wont’ play for this league.” He also said “We’re giving Football back to America.”

Just recently, the NFL allowed the largest Veterans group to air their commercial during the Super Bowl that had a message of “Please Stand”. You can find the article on our website here

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