Vice President Harris Loses Another Staff Member as Key Speech Writer Resigns

During Vice President Kamla Harris’ brief tenure, she has distinguished herself in a variety of ways. And none of those are positive, to this point. She has become known for not addressing any of the tasks assigned to her by President Biden. She tends to cackle instead of answering uncomfortable questions, and she is rather adept at driving away staff members.

Now you can add to the list of previous staff members, as it was just announced on Friday that her speechwriter has now left the vice president’s office.  Meghan Groob has stepped down, so you can add her name to a growing list of people who have left the VPs team in recent months. Since November, Harris has managed to drive off her communications director, then her Press Secretary Symone Sanders left in December for a gig at MSNBC. March saw the Deputy Press secretary depart, as well.

Harris’ Service Aide Rohini Kosoglu also announced on Friday that she was leaving her office. This takes the total number of departures from just her office to 17 individuals. Add in the high number of flights from Biden’s team, and you have nearly 30 departures from the administration, in under 18 months.

Groob herself is a replacement, as Kamala’s original speechwriter, Kate Childs Graham, ran off in February. This means she is leaving after just 3 months on the job, which is rather understandable, given one of Kamala’s other traits she has been known for, as the vice president has become a regular outlet for rather hilarious word salad speeches.

Harris has shown in her time on the job to struggle with extemporaneous speaking. When she is not properly prepared, or expected to speak off the cuff, Kamala can sound positively ridiculous, and even in her formal speeches, she has delivered some gems of fractured syntax and mangled commentary. A brief search of her recent blunders finds some keepers we are sharing:

Kamala’s vocabulary ventures are so well known that when the news came out of this latest resignation the hashtag #WriteASpeechForKamala was started, which sprouted impressions of her infamous interlocutions.

This all makes for great political comedy, but from the standpoint of a speechwriter, this reflects directly on their work. So renown now is Kamala for these quixotic quotes that when news broke of Groob stepping down, a few people expressed mocking surprise to learn that she even had a speechwriter. As a result, Groob is left in an unstable position vocationally. 

We appreciate our friends at the Republican Daily for content in this article.

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