Veterans First: The Heart Behind CODE OF VETS, One Heartbeat, One Goal

Code of Vets is becoming a household name in the world of helping veterans in America.
They do so selflessly without any intentions but to help fellow veterans. I want to tell you about a veteran who was helped on Friday by Code of Vets.
Shukri Abdirahman is a Code of Vets Veteran
Shukri was born in Somalia and was in a refuge camp when the American Military came and rescued her country.
From a young age she wanted to “repay” the Americans for saving her and her family.
Adversity she’s faced, moving to two other country’s prior to coming to America.
She finished High School, worked for and along side the United Nations for an extended time.
At age 28 she joined the Army National Guard.  Shukri served America for 7 years in the guard and was Regular Army in Iraq for a full year.
Shukri got married and has 3 children but was involved in a domestic abusive situation. She and her 3 kids were homeless. All 3 children have major health issues. 
They had no home, no food, no car, and no means to take her children to the Doctor, or to even go to the grocery store. They were using Uber for emergencies.
She owes almost $3,000 in electric bills and if it were not for health reasons it would be shut off. (medical documents keep the electric company from shutting it off)
Shukri has goals. She wants to assist her fellow guardsmen in getting assistance for their time in service. She wants to get her children healthy and wants to be a Great American Citizen.
Code of Vets was blessed to give her a vehicle to drive. A 2019 Chevy Trax was given to Shukri by Code of Vets on Friday September 13th to help her get her children to the doctor and the grocery store.
“She has to be able to live life, not just survive day to day.” Code of Vets Founder Gretchen Smith told me over the phone.
Shukri is just one of hundreds, if not thousands of veterans that Code of Vets has helped. That number of requests keeps getting bigger and is growing rapidly daily.
Code of Vets founder Gretchen Smith added the following about the groups efforts.
“The Veteran community is coming together in historic numbers to take care of each other. It’s simple, it’s just us, we’re a coalition group using social media as a tool to help those veterans around the nation that are in need.”
“When the immigrant is here for the right reasons, we are proud to support them,” Smith added.
Fellow veteran and Code of Vets Supporter Beard Vet joined Gretchen in Minnesota for the giveaway.
“It was my honor to be involved in helping a fellow veteran today,” Beard Vet said.
Code of Vets is a 501c3 Nonprofit and is reliant on donations to help veterans. They have given back 96% of donations to veterans. They have no government grants or assistance. They roll up their sleeves and do work to help their brothers and sisters in need.
If you’d like to support Code of Vets, visit the website HERE.
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J Greer
J Greer
2 years ago

The article states that Ms. Abdirahman has 3 children with major health issues. Provided Ms. Abdirahman does not have income and/or resources that exceed the limit prescribed under law AND provided the child(ren)’s major health issue meet(s) the disability requirements prescribed under law, each child is eligible to receive monthly SSI checks which may then qualify them for eligible Medicaid.

1 year ago

Glad to see this blog online. I had told Gretchen in Twitter that I suggested she start a blog due to issues she had had with Twitter.
Will this be the Code of Vets blog, or do you know if Gretchen will start one?