Vermont State Legislature Overrides RINO Governors Bill Giving Non-Citizens the Right to Vote

The State legislature of Vermont has overridden the Republican RINO (Republican in Name Only) Governor Phil Scott’s vote of a bill that gives ‘non-citizens’ the right to vote in two cities’ elections. An absolute tragedy against Americans constitution and integrity.

“In a 20-10 vote, Vermont Democrats just barely achieved the two-thirds majority needed to override the governor’s veto of two separate bills – securing the House’s successful override vote Wednesday,” Fox News reported.

“It appears that once again the Vermont elected Democrats show a complete disregard to what it means to be a citizen,” RNC spokesman for Vermont Jay Shepard told Fox News. “Their vote to override the Governor’s veto disenfranchises those in Vermont who are citizens.”

“Legal resident noncitizens in the cities of Montpelier and Winooski will now be able to vote in municipal elections,” Fox News noted.

Non United States citizens are NOT allowed to vote in federal elections, but this would have been the first step in illegally undermining that process and the United States Constitution.

The Vermont Senate did the right thing in stopping this nonsense.

“Talk about downgrading the sanctity of a vote. Are these non-citizen voters paying taxes?” Jane Hughes commented on Twitter.

“Tearing America apart piece by piece,” Larry Langley remarked. “We must stand up.”

However, Democrats in Vermont are touting the legislation as a step towards more ‘citizen engagement,’ even though the voters in question are not U.S. citizens.

“Today’s veto override votes continue Vermont’s track record supporting strong citizen engagement, and uphold the tradition of local control in our towns and cities,” Democrat Senate President Pro Tempore Becca Balint claimed.

Thanks to our friends at Becker News for contributing to this article.

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1 year ago

Decertify Vermont in Federal elections.
It’s not up to the States to decide who can vote, those are federal laws.
If they can’t run elections that conform to them, then we must disqualify their electoral votes in the future.
This happened in the era right after the Civil War. Several states were not able to run acceptable elections and their electors were not included in the voting that cycle.


[…] Vermont State legislature overrides the Governor’s veto, to allow non-citizens to vote in loca… […]


[…] Vermont State Legislature Overrides RINO Governors Bill Giving Non-Citizens the Right to Vote […]