Vax & Scratch: New York Launches $5 Million Lottery Ticket as Covid Vaccine Incentive..

Well the first thought should read, if the vaccine is so good, why do they have to beg and entice Americans to get it? Because we live in the information and technology age, and Americans are skeptical and rightfully so. The Vaccine hasn’t went through the testing process and schedules of a normal vaccine, and they realize they are the test subjects.

However, in order to incentivize New Yorkers, they’ve created a new $5 million lottery ticket, and you’ll get one to scratch if you let them give you the jab. You can’t make up this level of disgusting tyranny at this point.

That’s right, New Yorkers could win up to $5 million from the New York State Lottery if they get vaccinated at a state-run clinic under the state’s new initiative known as “Tax & Scratch.”

Starting on Monday and running through Friday, state residents who get a COVID-19 vaccine shot at one of 10 state-run vaccine clinics will get a free ticket for the Mega Multiplier lottery, these tickets normally cost $20.

Thirteen winners will get a monetary prize ranging from $20 to $5 million.

Disgusted yet, you should be.

What are your thoughts on this idiocy America?

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Wing Walker
Wing Walker
1 year ago

ANY one stupid enough to buy into this B.S. deserves what they get from those shots. Duh .. gee, I have my DNA altered, get Sterilized, and ultimately die for a 5$ scratch off ….. Stupid is as Stupid IS !!!