On Friday V.P. Kamala Harris ​admitted that inflation is surging and placing a heavy weight on American’s, when asked by a pre-approved list of reporters about President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, in her Friday press briefing, Harris said, “President Joe Biden’s spending agenda will not make the situation worse,” 

Harris, who spent much of the week in France in an attempt to smooth over the Biden administration’s relations with French President Emmanuel Macron, after Australia cut off a submarine manufacturing deal with France in favor of one with the United States and the United Kingdom.

In her Friday press briefing, Harris was asked by a reporter, “Can you tell us a little bit about how you would prevent the new spending in your Build Back Better Agenda from exacerbating the problem, and also what else you are going to do to fix this problem with inflation?”

Harris responded, “Let’s start with this: Prices have gone up, and families and individuals are dealing with the realities that bread costs more, that gas costs more. We have to understand what that means. That’s about the cost of living going up. That is, on a daily level, something that is a heavy wait to carry. So, it is something we take very seriously. Ver seriously.”

Harris went on to say that inflation is a “big deal” and that the Biden administration is addressing rising costs by alleviating supply chain backlogs in the U.S. Harris also argued that the Biden agenda will not contribute to further inflations because it is paid for.  nevertheless, she didn’t acknowledge that the U.S. is suffering from the highest inflation in thirty years,

Harris referred again saying “Build Back Better is not going to cost anything. We’re paying for it.”

Even when watchdog organizations like the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget disagree, have found that Biden’s agenda will require the U.S. to borrow roughly $2.4 trillion, while the proposed tax hikes included in the bill, and supposedly just on the wealthy, would only cover for $1.1 trillion.

Even White House principal deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had dodged calls from moderate Democrats in Congress saying, “The Build Back Better Act is paid for by having big corporations and the wealthiest taxpayers pay their fair share.”

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David E Gignac
David E Gignac
10 months ago

Paid for $5 at a time on her knees… and she might be president soon.

10 months ago

Harris is such an idiot.