USA Today Trying to ‘Fact Check’ Project Veritas ‘Claims’ in #CovidVaxExposed, James O’Keefe Says HE WILL SUE THEM! (VIDEO)

Project Veritas CEO and Founder James O’Keefe on Wednesday took to social media to hammer USA Today for their fake news reporting.

O’Keefe hammered reporter Daniel Funke who claims he is “fact checking” the claim that the government is suppressing reports of adverse events associated with the Covid-19 vaccines.”

O’Keefe says he’s tried calling Daniel five times, and he refuses to answer the phone call, so O’Keefe called him, left a voicemail, and recording it and uploaded it so that USA Today can’t lie about it.

Watch the video below of O’Keefe hammering this reporter from USA and telling him that he’s sued the New York Times and its’ going to a trial, and he’s going to sue USA Today for also lying and creating a fake argument.

“My Comment is this. Your email appears to be an effort to get our video removed from the internet via symbiotic relationship with the tech companies who you have a shared interest. My question is, which social media platform is paying you to do this? Is it Facebook? The last time this happened we sued the New York Times for defamation, and the judge is allowing it to go all the way to a trial, so this isn’t going to work out for you.”

O’Keefe continued hammering him.

“My next question is, how many adverse effects were not reported to the Vaers system? Do you know? Because if you don’t know, you can’t do a proper fact check.”

“My third thing I’m going to say is, you’re creating a fake talksalogical argument so you can knock this down off the internet.”

“My fourth thing I’m going to say is Dr. Gonzales made this claim inside HHS, not me. I’m reporting what someone said, which the public has a right to know this information. She did indeed say it, and the hospital has not denied what we uncovered. The hospital has issued a comment, I hope you report that comment, if you don’t it’s journalist malpractice.”

Then O’Keefe dropped the final nail in the coffin.

“I would like you to call me back please. You have an obligation to call me back. If you don’t call me back you are acting in willful disregard for the truth and I will SUE you.”


O’Keefe also announced that Facebook had given Project Veritas a 12 hour suspension for posting something against the community guidelines. That must be the truth!

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