US Surgeon General Said He Expects Covid Outbreaks from Protests and Riots

Well in not so shocking news, the US Surgeon General says that a Covid-19 outbreak is imminent.

Now how in the world could there be an outbreak when angry protesters and rioters are destroying America’s cities by the tens to hundreds of thousands?

Oh that’s right, it’s okay for them to not social distance, just the law abiding citizens need to do that.

The following is from CNN

“US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams said to expect new outbreaks of the coronavirus resulting from the nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd that have seen thousands of people gather in close proximity.

While a majority of protesters nationwide have worn masks and face coverings as they demand justice for Floyd, an African-American man who died last week while in police custody, the large crowds have made it difficult to social distance. The coronavirus pandemic has also disproportionately affected communities of color, an issue Adams has highlighted.”–CNN

What are your thoughts on the rioters and protesters and the social distancing rules only applying to the law abiding Americans?

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