US Marshals Rescue 5 Missing Children, Make 262 Arrests in MASSIVE Oklahoma Raids

US Marshals say they have found five missing children and arrested hundreds in a two-month-long operation in Oklahoma.

Fox 25 reports that Operation Triple Beam targeted violent crime and gang activity in the Oklahoma City area.

Of the 262 people arrested, six were wanted for homicide and 141 were confirmed gang members, officials said.

As a result of the operation, US Marshals said five missing children were located and rescued, though the circumstances surrounding their disappearances were unclear.

A 60-day U.S. Marshals operation to reduce violent gang crime in Oklahoma City resulted in 262 arrests – including six people wanted for homicide – and the rescue of five missing children:

They recovered more than two dozen children in the first three weeks of an ongoing operation in Ohio last week, and they located 39 missing children in Georgia last month.

The U.S. Marshals are literally restoring law and order at a record pace. Thank You to all of those protecting our nation now and always.

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Trevor Buchet
Trevor Buchet
2 years ago

very glad our federal govt wants to protect us. Imagine when they head to Chicago and Cali

2 years ago

Seeing how children were rescued, that leads me to believe that pedophilia was involved. Isn’t it funny how all these children are being found after Miss Maxwell has been arrested? I guess she’s shooting for a lighter sentence.
It is also a relief to see law and order is taking place somewhere in this country!