US Government Weaponized Ticks During Cold War, Causing Lyme Disease Lawmakers Say

The more and more we peel back the layers of corruption in our nations government and past, the worse it gets.

Congressional members are ordering an investigation that says The Pentagon weaponized ticks in experiments during the Cold War and thus caused Lyme Disease as we know it.

“Bio weapons specialists stuffed ticks with pathogens to cause sever disability, Disease, And even death to potential enemy,” Congressman Chris Smith stated.

Kris Newby the author of “Bitten” wrote a book on the issue that was just released.

“The discoverer of the Lyme Disease bacteria he didn’t give away all the details, but he implied it wasn’t the bacteria but it was another organism that was genetically modified for warfare.”

I found one test on the Virginia coastline where they released 100,000 Lone Star Ticks, those are the really aggressive ticks,” Newby added.

Now think about this for a moment America.. Your own government weaponized ticks by the millions, and then released them on you.

Give Congressman Chris Smith credit, they’ll be calling him a “conspiracy theorist” soon for actually asking the questions.

I hope more and more of you are being woken up daily to the truth!

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